Welcome to rBeats

Women’s Boot Camp Westmeadows & Melbourne North

There's no feeling like being fit and strong. Making yourself a priority and kicking goals is something the rBeats crew are passionate about! No judgement, just a lot of support, motivation and fun.

If you're looking for a great workout with a bunch of incredible gals all working toward the same goal, then you've found your place! We are a local fitness community based in Attwood/Westmeadows who are passionate about health, strength and most of all having a lot of fun along the journey.


At rBeats, we cater to all ages and fitness levels. We offer a gym-free environment, kid-friendly, and a positive, inspiring place where you can really be yourself. Our workouts include cardio, women's boxing, HIIT, Metafit, and functional fitness.

Your first visit is free! So grab a friend and come and try rBeats today!

Rachel Beattie

With over five year's experience in the fitness industry, Rachel is passionate about seeing you at your healthiest physically, mentally and spiritually. There's nothing more exciting to her than seeing women feeling strong and empowered to achieve their dreams.

Uniquely You.

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